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October 19, 2009

Entech Solar Announces Products Update

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Introducing Design of Next-Generation Product – SolarVolt II

8:00 am EDT, Monday October 19, 2009

FORT WORTH, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Entech Solar (ENSL.OB) (the “Company”, “Entech”) today announced progress on its ThermaVolt™ II and tubular skylight products, as well as its plans for its SolarVolt™ II product, which would generate electricity only.


* ThermaVolt II: Entech is completing its design-verification-testing modules for the ThermaVolt II product. The Company plans to exhibit a unit at Solar Power International 2009 in Anaheim, California later this month.
* Tubular Skylight: Entech has completed the critical design review of its tubular skylight product with product launch planned within a few months.
* SolarVolt II: Entech has begun developing an electric-only design of its concentrating solar product for solar utility projects.

Entech is currently completing the ThermaVolt II modules for the design-verification-testing (DVT) phase of product development. After the successful completion of the product prototype in June 2009, completion of modules for DVT will represent the product’s next significant milestone. The goal of the design-verification-testing is to build a high level of confidence in Entech’s ability to successfully pass product certification testing. Certification testing is set to begin in early 2010.

Entech has also made progress on its tubular skylight. The Company will complete the product’s critical design review this month, which will finalize the design to be used in testing and certification. Going forward, Entech’s next step with respect to its skylight product is to continue product testing and certification in preparation for product launch in a few months.

In addition to the progress made on the ThermaVolt II and tubular skylight products, Entech has also announced the design development of its next-generation SolarVolt II product. Similar to the ThermaVolt II, the SolarVolt II leverages Entech’s proprietary concentrating solar technology that has been successfully proven for 25 years. Unlike the ThermaVolt II product which produces both electricity and thermal energy, the SolarVolt II product will generate electricity only. The primary application of SolarVolt II will be large-scale solar utility projects in areas with high direct normal irradiation (DNI). The Company’s next step in the SolarVolt II product development will be completing the preliminary design and an operational prototype.

“I am pleased to announce these product updates. We continue to make significant progress across our product lines, and Entech Solar’s next-generation SolarVolt II design and development is an exciting proposition,” said Frank Smith, CEO.


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